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Virseker backs Pendoring all the way

South Africa’s only proudly Afrikaans insurance brand, Virseker, underlined its passion for the language with the announcement of its co-sponsorship of the 2017 Pendoring Advertising Awards. It is Virseker’s debut as a Pendoring sponsor.

Since its inception in 2011, Virseker has been widely acknowledged and known for its service delivery in and support of Afrikaans – the language of the heart of a diverse and colourful collection of South Africans.

Besides traditional insurance such as  vehicle, home, movable goods and building insurance, Virseker also offers  a wide range of support services, including home, road, entertainment, trauma, towing, legal and medical support, along with its extremely popular ‘Gatsak’ (back pocket) bonus.

Virseker’s passion for Afrikaans, however, goes much further than only insurance:

Stage productions, such as Afrikaans is Groot, where the best Afrikaans music is showcased and celebrated annually lure thousands of fans to sold-out shows.

The Virseker Trust, to which a portion of policyholders’ premiums is allocated, focuses on the promotion of Afrikaans education and has to date, among other things, invested more than R10 million in the founding of the brand new Afrikaans university, Akademia, numerous study bursaries for academically deserving students, the Rapport Education Trust and the development of Afrikaans study applications.

In addition, Virseker recently also started investing in Afrikaans sports development by coming on board as the main sponsor of the Virseker Beker, previously known as the Beeld Trophy.

According to Dawid Botha, spokesperson for Virseker, Pendoring is a logical partner for the insurer: “For over two decades Pendoring has provided a first-class platform for the celebration of excellence in South African advertising, a substantial portion of which is devoted to the promotion of innovation and creativity in Afrikaans advertising, which eventually is framed in the Afrikaans media showcase. For us, it is an immense honour and privilege to back the entire Pendoring project, as well as to sponsor the category “Original Afrikaans’.

This category is open to all advertising mediums and focuses exclusively on any advertisement that has originally been conceptualised and created in Afrikaans.

Franette Klerck, Pendoring GM, adds that Pendoring enjoys strong sponsorship support precisely because the awards acknowledge and promote the importance and value mother-tongue advertising.

“Successful brands like Virseker are well aware that the best way to reach its target market and to create an emotional bond and connection with consumers is to communicate with them in the language that they speak and understand. The language of their hearts,” she emphasises.

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