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The impact of truth is infinite - A QnA with Desire of FAKA

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Desire Marea Image Credits: Raymond van Mil

We will not take credit for the pure talent that is Desire Marea of “FAKA”. *They are the creators of the iconic gqom discography Uyang’khumbula, inhliziyo, Isende Lendlela and more. We will, however, put it to you, that they won the 2017 Gold Pendoring in the Radio Category.

Desire is the embodiment of what we should all strive towards, encouraging creatives to innovate in indigenous languages bringing about new genres of expression that resonate with audiences who have never heard how their voices sound in the mainstream.

We asked Desire a few questions about the award and how it has opened doors for their career:

I’ve taken a break from advertising to tour Europe with FAKA, a project I co-founded with my best friend Fela Gucci.

Stay true. The impact of truth is infinite.

It’s easier to be taken seriously by the current industry once you have that stamp of validation. It’s the sad truth because the most brilliant young minds usually think outside the parameters of what can be, and what usually is awarded, however, there is little being done on an institutional level to accommodate and nurture new ways of thinking.

For me working in my language is the most important thing. It is where I am most nuanced.

At the Pendoring, we recognise the youth as pioneers of our future through our student category.

We are an award that celebrates diversity in all indigenous South African languages and are the custodian of uniquely South African creativity and invite you to enter the 2018 Pendoring Awards here:

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