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#BrilliantlyDifferent - AAA QnA

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Ideas can change the world. If your mind is #BrilliantlyDifferent, AAA aims to unleash your full potential. The school does this through developing, liberating and fanning the creative and lateral thinking energies within each and every student. Their integrated approach aims to produce graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to add value to any employer in the advertising and communication industries.

We asked the Gail Walters, Faculty Head of Marketing Communications, a few questions regarding language as the driver of transformation in advertising:

Focus on vernaculars and other relevant cultures (from a language perspective) that we have in SA has the ability to drive and clear a path for greater diversity. The vernacular was initially introduced in communications campaigns particularly as a result of Television broadcast and film which went out in four South African languages. In terms of radio, the medium has retained its vernacular broadcast, with all 11 languages represented, and in many respects has helped drive transformation in the industry. Agencies were almost compelled to create ads, albeit in limited formats, in other languages. This provided for a level of diversity. However English has remained the dominant language. We need to ensure there is an increase in vernacular communication in order to drive and enhance the commitment of the industry to transform, however, this cannot be done in a simplistic manner. There needs to be a solid insight into how this change/movement should be applied to make it effective.

Not many apply their indigenous language in their assignments. In terms of the implementation of indigenous languages, it is imperative that it is well structured and that the messaging is not diluted. It is critical that it is well targeted and aligned with the relevant indigenous groups.

The AAA is currently looking into the possibility of introducing one or two vernacular languages. The options being looked at including isiZulu, isiXhosa and Sesotho.

Communicating in an indigenous language ensures that the message engages a greater portion of the targeted audience within the particular vernacular grouping.

It also ensures that those adverts speak to the relevant cultural groups as culture, or rather cultural nuances are often transmitted through language.

And if you engage and reach a wider or specified target audience, this results in greater brand awareness. This a key to driving an increase or conversion in purchasing behaviour. In the end, this means a brand should enjoy a better return on investment in terms of marketing communication spend.

Keep it simple, consistent, logical and relevant.

At the Pendoring, we recognise the youth as pioneers of our future through our student category.

We are an award that celebrates diversity in all indigenous South African languages and are the custodian of uniquely South African creativity and invite you to enter the 2018 Pendoring Awards here:

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