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10 tips for a winning student entry

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

If you're reading this, then you're probably a student who is thinking of entering the Pendoring Awards. You are doubting yourself, somewhat nervous and possibly freaking the french out stressing about what it is that makes a student entry #winning.


Worry not, and fear no more, because we have your back on this one. The Pendoring values its student entries and we believe that you are the future of the creative industry. If you're here, you also probably believe in our vision for a more diverse range of advertising and communications which celebrates the unique language make up we have in this country.

We asked our specialist student jury member and Creative Visual Lead at Black Khaki Brand Communicators, Richardt Strydom, to give you 10 mega tips for a winning entry. They are short, sweet and to-the-point. The main idea? You need to have a great concept, and you need to commit yourself to executing it with excellence.

We look forward to seeing all your #winning entries.

1. Respect your audience - consumer insights are your road to successfully capturing hearts and mind.

2. Serve the brand - not that cool idea you’ve been saving for something someday (see point no.1).

3. Google translate is not your friend - get somebody that can speak the language and understands the nuances of the vernacular you’re speaking in.

4. Spell check, spell check, spell check and then spell check once more!

5. Understand the category you are entering - sometimes less is more and other times more is what is expected.

6. A good pun is hard to pull off, so tread carefully around those cliches.

7.Craft, craft, craft and then when you’re done - craft some more.

8. Be bold, be daring, be fresh - but be relevant.

9. Clarity of idea wins the day.

10. Spend time on your rationale and unpack it concisely but clearly.

Now, take a deep breath, and go make us proud. Enter today and stand a chance to win some Randelas.

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