The Pendoring advertising awards are 25 years old this year – a truly unique initiative that celebrates the 10 indigenous languages of our country – quite simply, at Pendoring, we speak South African.

Originally created in 1995 to promote and stimulate the use of Afrikaans in advertising, Pendoring has gone through a number of changes to celebrate all our indigenous languages.

In 2016 we amended rules so that all languages could compete on equal footing and in 2018, we went a step further and eliminated prizes that rewarded Afrikaans separately from the remaining 9 languages


Pendoring is also unique in that it is the only advertising competition in SA with substantial cash prizes, not only for the overall winners, but also for gold and silver winners in each category.

In line with transforming the Pendoring, the Prestige award (for the best work in Afrikaans) and the Umpetha award (for the best work in all other languages except Afrikaans) have become the Prestigious Umpetha Award. This prize includes an overseas trip worth R100 000 for the overall winner of the best work in all the categories. The overall student winner receives R10 000 and every winner of a gold Pendoring receives R6 000, while winners of a silver Pendoring each walk away with R2 500.

The move to include and reward the best indigenous language advertising without any separation has been lauded as groundbreaking and as the most meaningful platform for the acknowledgement of local creative work by creatives and marketers across the board.

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